Artist interview: Therese Parner

13.06.2016 / News

Swedish artist Therese Parner held her exhibition Alla ska titta när jag dansar in Unknown Cargo’s gallery in Stockholm 1.10.–16.10.2015. She tells us how it felt to work anonymously and with Unknown Cargo.

When I was asked to hold an exhibition in Unknown Cargo’s gallery in Stockholm, I didn’t know much about Finnish art scene. I thought the gallery concept was interesting, and I saw it as an opportunity to do something more experimental for the exhibition.

Working anonymously was actually a bit difficult because I couldn’t talk with art colleagues and share the work during the process. But it was also interesting to work anonymously, because I could free myself a bit from the limits of what might be expected of me and my work.

Fairly quickly after your invitation to have the exhibition, I got a picture in my head of what I wanted to do. My goal with the exhibition and my installation was to realize the idea, I think it turned out fairly close to what I hoped for.

Each exhibition allows me to develop and explore my work. Currently, the anonymity has not opened up new opportunities or contacts, but But it was really great to work with the Finnish Cultural Institute and Unknown Cargo. Everything was professionally organized and fun!